specialist containers

Thanks to the versatility of this type of construction, they are used in many industrial sectors - both chemical, technical and construction. They can easily store various types of installations, power generators as well as tanks and pumping stations. That is why „Zakład Ślusarski Teresa Szyszka” manufactures specialized containers of different types and with different levels of sound insulation.

szyszka konstrukcje stalowe

The manufactuers containers can be used among others as:

  •     bitumen mixing plants,
  •     concrete mixing plants,
  •     buildings for power generators,
  •     buildings for pumping stations,
  •     and many more.

Specialist containers tailored to customer requirements

We carry out individual orders for specialized containers tailored to customer requirements. We fully adapt to individual specifications and even customized needs and expectations. Our constructions can have a floor or can be placed on a specially prepared subfloor. Moreover, we can install exhaust fans, ventilation grilles and even inspection doors in them. At the same time we will undertake to install the lighting and electrical installation inside.

However, this is only a small part of our capabilities - we are willing to take on completely new challenges, carrying out projects even for the most advanced specialist containers. We will make sure that they not only meet the strict requirements of the building regulations, but also do not violate occupational hygiene and do not harm the environment.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the gallery below, which presents some of our many projects to date. We invite you to fruitful cooperation.

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